July 3, 2019

Hi Imo • 60ml drops


✓ Supports Immune System

✓ Supports Skin Health

✓ Supports Healthy Growth

Zinc Benefits:

Zinc helps to strengthens your infants immune system, which is your body’s system for fighting off illnesses and infections. It also helps with cell growth and heal wounds, such as cuts and scratches, zinc is essential to stimulate normal growth and development.

Zinc Deficiencies:

Zinc deficiency has been linked to decreased growth, increased colds and infections, impaired memory, learning disabilities, and poor attention span.

Infants from 3 months of age and up: Take 1 ml per day.

Shake the bottle well. PNBaby™ now includes an easy-to-use
pipette. The pipette is marked with ml dose lines. Fill the pipette to the 1 ml line to provide the full daily dosage.

To administer directly, place the pipette in the child’s mouth with the tip against the inside of the cheek. A firm pressure on the pipette bulb will deliver the proper dose. If preferred, the drops may be placed onto pacifier or mothers breast before nursing. It is normal that a slight excess remains in the pipette after dispensing. Use recommended dosage, unless your child’s doctor recommends a different dosage.

Clean pipette thoroughly between each use, especially ifpipette did come in contact with the baby’s mouth.