Brand Story


PrincipleNutrition laboratories has been developing since 1971, a complete and comprehensive range of natural nutritional supplements dedicated to the daily needs of the individual, fusing its science-based expertise with natural herbal traditions.

PrincipleNutrition offers a COMPLETE LINE OF DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS via our Brand extensions – from your daily vitamins for all major 14 health categories to help support the needs or our multi-national clients to “key functional” formulations.

• PNKids™ / Functional Kids supplements in gummy, chewable and liquid format.
• PNVita™/ Complete line of generic dietary supplements for adults.
• PNFlex ™/ Dietary supplements with focus on mobility, joint bone and muscle health.
• PNBiotics™ / Best Probiotic formulations with “time-release” encapsulation technology.
• PNPlus™ / Premium formulations with focus on providing the best ingredients and balance for our most demanding customers.
• PNfizz™ / Effervescent delivery system manufactured by our German GMP Laboratories.
• SlimSpa™ / Effective herbal Slimming formulations for women and men in oral, topical and tea format.
• X-Diet™ / Slimming formulations for “Generation Y”

We are committed to provide our customers the best and latest in nutrition science. Every year, we produced over 15 billion tablets, 5 billion capsules, 7 billion soft gels and we package over 100 million bottles. A true testament to our commitment for quality products at affordable prices.

Steadfast in being the leader in technology and product innovations, we have invested on state-of-art facilities in the USA. Our dedication to producing the highest quality products is evident in the many sophisticated tests we perform throughout the production process. In many ways, Principle Nutrition has set the standard for high quality vitamin manufacturing. The scientists and researchers in our laboratories adhere to the strictest government testing procedures to assure the potency, stability and purity of our products. Additionally, we guarantee that our vitamins and supplements are absolutely free of contaminants.

Today, Principle Nutrition is present in over 400 retail stores in the region. Whether you shop online or in one of our many retail locations, you can count on Principle Nutrition for the highest quality vitamins and supplements at everyday low prices.